Training Now Training Portal

Hello and welcome to the Training Now Training Portal. Here you will find all of the mandatory training you are required to update every year. It is very important you are able to evidence competency in the areas stated below. Therefore this training portal will not allow you to answer the questions until you have clicked and read every page of the course you intend to take. You will find the courses available on the tabs above. When you have clicked on the training you wish to take, the individual pages and content of the training will appear on the left hand side of the page for you to select. Once you have done this, you will be in a position to answer the questions.

Training Now Training Programmes start from point of entry (induction) through professional development leading toward the QCF framework where appropriate to the skills and knowledge requirements of the staff member and to the business development strategy.

All care workers on entry to the service will complete the Selection Assessment/Induction training which is a three day course covering the nationally recognized standards of the Care Certificate.

All staff are to undergo a minimum of an annual update/refresher training programme in the following subjects:

  • Medication Management
  • Information Governance
  • Infection control 
  • Moving and Handling
  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk

 which can be by means of Training Now Training Workbooks or attendance at an Training Now refresher training event.

Mandatory training that is to be undertaken two yearly is:

  • Mental Capacity this includes the principles of the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice and the way in which people are supported to make decisions in their best interests 
  • Health and Safety: this includes the two yearly update for First Aid, Risk Assessment and Fire Training as well as basic health and safety awareness about COSHH, RIDDOR and awareness and understanding of legislation and regulations. 

This training portal contains a range of other courses that should be undertaken if required by the service, where your manager advises or for your own interest and development, look at the ‘Courses A – Z’ tabs above.

Specialist training in other areas as required by the business based on Service User need and Contractual obligations can be sourced externally through Local Authority or private training providers until such time as Training Now has developed internal training programmes on the following subjects: Dementia Care, Learning disability, Understanding Behaviours, Child Protection. Other areas of specialist training for individual service user requirements such as a person requiring specific care in relation to diabetes, or stoma care for example should be provided by the healthcare professional responsible for the person's care. Training Now has a declaration of competence for the health care professional to sign to evidence they have taught the care worker(s) a specific care procedure.

This training website will enable you to keep your professional development up to date and current in areas of required standards; further knowledge sets will be added to the website to enhance your learning in the near future.

All staff are encouraged to develop their knowledge and skill and enhance their career pathways within the company; the range of training programmes can be viewed at 

Please contact Training Now on Tel: 01305 825473 or email