Infection Prevention and Control - 2

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Course Description: 

This training pack has been designed to help you meet your continuing professional development and education needs and to enhance your ability to deal safely and effectively with infection prevention and control in your professional practice. The workbook covers the knowledge requirements of the care sector standards for infection prevention and control, your competence in applying this knowledge will be assessed in the workplace through your regular competency checks. This is a distance learning pack where you are expected to engage in a programme of self-directed learning at the end of which you will be expected to answer the questions having read through the knowledge section of the pack. The length of time taken to complete the pack will be dependent on targets set for you by you manager.

Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of this course will enable staff to:

Remember Infection Prevention and Control is a key requirement of any safe and effective health and social care practice, it is however recognised that not all infections or health care acquired infections are avoidable. 

Agincare is committed to helping all employees to reduce infection rates and continue to enhance the provision of clean safe care by promoting better application of exiting knowledge and adherence to best practice to improve client’s safety and minimise the risk of infection.

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