Tissue Viability and Wound Care Management

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Course Description: 

1.    Learning Outcomes

This workbook is aimed at all staff who provide first line treatment and care to service users, and to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining Tissue Viability and Wound Care Management and to promote prevention by sharing good practice. This workbook gives managers and staff an opportunity to ensure that the key principles, along with individual’s responsibility are fully understood. The sections contained within the workbook are up to date and in line with Agincare Tissue Viability and Wound Management Policy and Guidance Issue 9.

Agincare policy outlines the importance of Tissue Viability and Wound Management by means of initial assessment, plan of care and advice on selection and use of wound dressing products.

The policy acknowledges the physical, psychological and social impact of living with a vulnerable skin or wound both of which for the individual can cause pain, systemic illness, increased debility and extended absence from normal activities.

If you are having difficulty in completing any section of the workbook, please talk to your manager.

Learning outcomes and objectives

To enable the learner to:

  • Explain the structure and function of the skin in relation to the prevention/management of pressure ulcers 
  • Describe the principles of the wound healing process and factors which may compromise this 
  • Explain the grading structure for wounds
  • Inspection and care of the skin
  • Prevention and management techniques
  • Stages of skin damage
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Tissue viability
  • The difference between pressure ulcers and tissue viability


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