COVID 19 - Ag Rapid Test Device Application

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Course Description: 

Due to the current Covid 19 situation Training Now has put together some information to guide you on the correct way to carry out a COVID 19 Rapid Test. Please read the information, watch the video and complete the quiz.


1. Login/register and watch BOTH videos below

2. Click on the "Take Course" tab and then click on the link for the COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device - Quiz and answer ALL 17 multiple choice questions based on the procedure prior to commencing onto the practical element. You are not permitted to bring along any notes to this test. The knowledge test will take around 15 minutes, and upon achievement you will receive a certificate to progress onto stage 2; the competency test. The pass mark for this assessment is 100%

3. Competency test: You will require a volunteer to perform the procedure on and will be asked to explain each step as you perform the test. Your line manager will assess your performance against a set of criteria and will deem you competent if you have demonstrated your knowledge.


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