Exam Invigilators Assessment

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Course Description: 

Watch the 5 online module videos and read the Training Now’s invigilation process document. You may find it helpful to have a copy of the “Regulations for Conduct of External Assessments” handbook to refer to. Once you have familiarised yourself with the conduct of invigilation of assessments, you will be required to complete a multiple choice assessment. You will need to achieve 90% on this assessment prior to being authorised to conduct invigilations on behalf of Training Now.

Once you have achieved this course, please contact the Training Now office on (01305) 825 473. We will then create you a surpass account to allow you to carry out invigilation of external assessments and be presented with an invigilation pack.

Module 1 – The Regulations

In this video, we talk about the importance of using the most recent version of our Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment, and other supporting documentation available, and ensuring that all members of staff involved in the delivery of external assessments are familiar with these regulations.

Module 2 – Centre Responsibilities

In this video we outline your responsibility as a Centre when delivering an NCFE CACHE External Assessment, and explain the different External Assessment types.

Module 3 – Invigilation Role

In this video we outline the role of an invigilator, and their responsibilities before, during, and after an NCFE external assessment. This video also highlights what an invigilator must and must not do during an NCFE external assessment.

Module 4 – What you would do

This video runs through scenarios of events that may happen during an External Assessment and asks what you would do if this occurred.

Module 5 – Malpractice 

In this video we highlight the importance of reporting maladministration and malpractice to NCFE as soon as it is identified, and recommendations to help prevent malpractice.


At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain the role of the invigilator
  • Define what constitutes as malpractice and maladministration
  • Explain what to do during an emergency evacuation
  • List what is required to conduct an invigilation session
  • List what the consequences are if process is not followed
  • Explain the check procedure prior to, during and after an invigilation session
  • List what you can and cannot do during an invigilation session
  • List who can and cannot invigilate an external assessment
  • Define the checking process of a candidates identification

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